UAE Tracker is the pioneering provider of innovative, powerful and efficient satellite based GPS tracking solutions. Using contemporary technology, UAE Tracker provides instant information on vehicle location, history of usage, reports, accurate engine diagnostics, routing and messages which are amalgamated to provide the most effective fleet management solutions. It is a comprehensive and adaptable fleet tracking system which includes the ability to provide a mélange of customized solutions for reports, alerts and diverse features which can be customized as per client requirements and ensure the creation of unmatched return on investment.

Our contemporary Vehicle Tracking System provides efficient hardware and supplementary services including navigation and messaging services for fleet owners. The diversity of devices in hardware options permits every client to choose such combinations which are ideal for their operations. 

What is GPS ?

GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite based Global Navigation System owned by the U.S. that provides exact location, navigation and timing services to civilian users on a continuous world wide basis. Anyone with a GPS receiver and unobstructed line of sight to 4 or more GPS satellites can access these services, anywhere and at any time or weather.  

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